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Electric lock

An electric lock comprising: a latching device mounted on the door panel having a latch; a base having a side plate parallel to the inner side surface; and an electric lock mounted on the door panel having an inner and outer side surface; And a main chamber between the side plate and the inner side surface, the side plate is provided with a control rod piercing;
A hand control device having a lever mounted on the perforation, the lever including a torsion part and a lever part; the manual device also has a rotary control plate and a sensing plate;
An electric control device having an electric motor and two photoelectric switches, and further comprising: a power connecting device and at least one clutch stopper device, the power engaging device being rotatably fitted over the lever portion by the electric motor; the clutch stopper Correspondingly between the rotary control plate and the power connection means, each clutch limiting means having a resiliently loaded positioning bead and two recesses for positioning of the positioning beads, the positioning beads being positioned in one of the recesses. The electric lock in the manual operation more effort.

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