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Electric lock machine details

First, the different specifications of the bottle when the adjustment of the upper arm
The machine can be used to roll 5-500ml bottle cover, when using any of the specifications of the bottle, as long as the specifications of the bottle on the tray, one hand holding the arm, the other hand loose loose arms on the left side of the nut , So that the arm down or rise until the caulking head and the cap about 20 mm position, the nut tightened, and then with a random hexagonal wrench to the bracket immediately after the arm after the locking ring. (Note) When tightening, note that the lid and the cap are aligned.
Second, V-shaped block adjustment
Place the bottle in the lower V-shaped support, loosen the two screws on the support block, move the bottle and the lower V-block together until the lid and the cap are aligned, and the two Screw tightening.

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