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Smart lock security

1. The general fingerprint password lock with the danger of password leakage. The recent smart lock also has virtual password technology, that is, before or after the registered password, you can enter any number as the dummy password, effectively prevent the registration password leak, but also open the door lock.
2. In ordinary residential security environment, the general door handle open the way can not ensure sufficient safety performance, you can easily drill holes from outside the door and then turn the handle with a wire to open the door. Many smart locks with patented technology to protect the interior of the handle set to increase the safety handle button, you need to press the safety handle button to turn the handle door to open, bringing a safer environment. (At the same time according to user needs, through simple operations, this feature can be selectively set.)
3. Recent smart lock palm touch screen will automatically display, 3 minutes will automatically lock. Whether the password has been set, whether the door lock has been opened or closed, the number of passwords or card registration, as well as battery replacement tips, tongue blocking warning, such as low voltage, the screen is displayed, intelligent control.

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