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The basic principle of intelligent monitor

It consists of single-chip microcomputer, clock, keyboard, LCD display, memory, demodulator, line multiplexing and monitoring, A / D conversion, buzzer and other units. Mainly to complete the communication between the electronic locks, intelligent analysis and communication lines of security monitoring and other functions.
The intelligent monitor is always in receiving status and receives the alarm information and status information from the electronic lock in a fixed format. For the alarm information, immediately through the LCD display and buzzer sound, light alarm; for status information, then stored in memory and electronic locks at this time before the historical state of comparison, come to trends, predict the future Status changes, through the LCD monitor to provide the appropriate information on duty for decision-making use.
Intelligent monitoring and electronic locks to establish communication links at the same time, through the A / D converter real-time monitoring of the current flowing through the communication line changes, effectively preventing damage caused by human factors to ensure the smooth communication lines.

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