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Electronic locks - line multiplexing technology

Intelligent monitors and electronic locks placed in different places. If you use the communication lines and power lines separate ways, it is bound to increase the number of cable cores, increased security risks. This article uses the line multiplexing technology, using only a two-core cable, to achieve the power supply and information transmission.
In the sending end, the electronic lock through the pulse transformer T will be modulated data signal after boosting; at the receiving end, the pulse transformer T will receive the data signal buck sent to the demodulator to reduce the carrier signal in the transmission process In the loss. In order to reduce the mutual interference between communication and power supply, the choice of choke coil L and coupling capacitor C should be considered.
Set the carrier frequency fo = 400kHz, in order to ensure the vast majority of signal energy transmitted to the receiver, take L = 33.7μH? C1 = 0.047μF.

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