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How to select smart locks

    1. Stability is one of the most important indicators of fingerprint lock. It usually takes more than one year to stabilize and settle down. When choosing, the consumer is best to choose the manufacturer that produces fingerprint lock. Such enterprises generally have better production experience. R&d experience is the best stabilizing factor.
    2. Intelligence is also a reference index, which can be added and deleted. It should be very simple. Users don't have to memorize too many passwords and generations. The high performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with video display system, which is convenient for users.
    3 generality is also one of the important indicators. It should be applicable to most of the security doors in China. The installation time of good fingerprint lock should not be more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, users will not be able to complete the installation and maintenance themselves. Good general design, also can effectively reduce dealer inventory.

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