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Electromagnetic lock function classification

Indoor type
Indoor magnetic locks are widely used in important buildings at home and abroad and have become an important part of high-tech access control systems. Compared with traditional locks, their advantages are strong suction, low power consumption, stable and reliable quality, and monitoring signals. Feedback output, protection against external damage, no noise, and fire and anti-theft features.
Magnetic locks are divided into two types, mounted and embedded, depending on the installation environment.
Basic parameters: edit
Withstand tension: 80kg 150kg 180kg 280kg 300kg 350kg 500kg etc
Embedded electromagnetic lock
Embedded electromagnetic lock
Operating voltage: DC12V
Working current: ≤250MA
Professional device: built-in surge absorber
Scope of application: wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, fire doors
Safety Type: Power Off
Outdoor type
DSW series outdoor electromagnetic locks are suitable for the electrical blockage of 220KV, 110KV, 35KV substation outdoor isolation knife gate operating mechanism with different voltage levels. At the same time, because the lock integrates two sets of auxiliary contacts, it is particularly suitable for supporting with integrated automation substations and is used as an anti-misoperation monitoring.
Installation and commissioning
DSW outdoor electromagnetic lock, mainly by the lock head, mounting bracket, lock
Electromagnetic lock
Electromagnetic lock
The board consists of three parts. When installing, lock the power cable first, and then use 4-M5 screws to fix it with the bracket. Then install the locking plate on the connecting rod of the operating mechanism of the isolation barrier, and temporarily lock the locking bolt. On the cross brake of the knife gate operating mechanism, the operating mechanism of the rotary knife gate is used to move the locking bolt against the edge of the locking plate without friction. Repeatedly several times, the mounting bracket and the operating mechanism are welded transversely and then the locking plate is opened. Align the lock on the lock bolt and keep it in sync with the knife switch operating mechanism. The installation is completed.
DSW outdoor electromagnetic knife lock
Grounding type
The DSN(W)3-J grounding electromagnetic lock is mainly used for the electric grounding locking device developed by an electric power automation substation as an electric lock. During the inspection, the grounding bar is locked to prevent accidental misplacing and insertion of the grounding bar. Since 1998, the comprehensive indicators developed by the Institute of Electric Power Research have met the national standards. In 2000, the company passed the organization appraisal of the Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company, which has been widely praised since the nationwide electric power network was put into operation. It can achieve true full power five defenses for electrical lock-in substations.

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